we need a home we need a church

Unfortunately, we are a small Orthodox Community with great needs

Our place is temporary. But the cost to buy a place to host our Church we need money. A lot of money… We need 5 millions dollars. 

We pray that we ll find the sponsors to help us to make true our dreams.

A dream that we want for the future generations.

Your support is important

How to help us

For Internet Banking in Singapore:

This is a Recurring Funds Transfer, or a Singapore $ Standing Instructions.

  • Login to your Internet Banking.
  • Set up a New Funds Transfer. You will need to add the details of the Holy Resurrection Orthodox Christian Church bank account at this point.
  • Mark the transfer as repeating and set the date period to repeat such as the 1st of every month.

Most banks here also allow you to set up a Recurring Funds Transfer (Standing Instructions) at the bank branch with a form, but charge a small fee such as S$10 at DBS. Internet banking transfers are usually without charges.

Cheque donations can be made out to “Holy Resurrection Orthodox Christian Church” and either  can be placed in the small box by the door at our church, or passed directly to our Parish Committee (Matt Aujla, Symeon Tan or Xenia Edmonds), or posted to our mailing address: St. Matthew Room, Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre, 2 Highland Road, Singapore 549102.

Cash donations can be placed in the small box by the door at our church, or passed directly to our Parish Committee (Matt Aujla, Symeon Tan or Xenia Edmonds).


Holy Resurrection’s Bank Details

Account Name: Holy Resurrection Orthodox Christian Church

Account No: 010-900047-0

Account Type: Current Account

Bank Name: DBS Singapore

Bank / Branch Code: 7171 / 010

Branch Name: South Bridge Branch
Branch Address: BLK 531 Upper Cross Street,
#01-51 Hong Lim Complex,
Singapore 50531

Parish costs

We are looking for a new parish priest and we need your help, both in financial and volunteering support, and in prayer and support for the search.

Together with our other major expense of our Church rent, our parish budget has been for the past few years approximately S$80,000 annually. We are grateful and blessed that we have received enough, mostly in occasional donations, to meet all our past needs.

Now we need to increase the stipend for a full-time priest and add a housing stipend to support a small rental HDB where the Bishop and visiting priests could stay, as hotel costs are extremely high in Singapore.

The new budget drawn up by the Parish Committee and under the blessing of the Bishop, will come to approximately S$9,800 per month.


Parish Costs

Full stipend for a Priest: S$5,000 (Monthly Subtotal)

Rental of Church: S$2,800 (Monthly Subtotal)

Rental of HDB flat for the Bishop and visiting clerics: S$2,800 (Monthly Subtotal)

Philanthropy (Food support for the Orthodox orphanages in Bali and East Timor): S$650 (Monthly Subtotal)

Other costs, mostly books and church supplies: S$350 (Monthly Subtotal)

Total: S11,600


We need your financial support now to raise about S$5,000 additionally each month. A new parish priest will mean we can celebrate the Divine Liturgy every week, with additional services,

Bible study classes, more outreach programs to our children and families, and provide pastoral care for those in need. We will also be able to help visiting priests and clerics stay and serve in Singapore longer.

Please consider what you are able to give, and know that all donations are appreciated in all amounts.

Regular donations would be especially helpful.