The Lamentations

(1) In the grave they laid Thee,
O My Life and My Christ
And the armies of the Angels was so amazed,
As they sang the praise of Thy submissive love!

(2) O my sweet Lord Jesus
My salvation, my light
How art Thou now by a grave and its darkness hid?
How unspeakable the mystery of Thy Love!

(3) Gone the Light the world knew.
Gone the Light that was mine.
O my Jesus, Thou art all of my heart’ desire;
So the Virgin spake lamenting at Thy grave.

(4) Who will give me water,
For the tears I must weep?
So the maiden wed to God cried with loud lament;
That for my sweet Jesus I may rightly mourn.

(5) All we call Thee blessed,
Theotokos, most pure.
And with faithful hearts we honour the burial
Suffered three days by Thy Son who is our God.

(6) How O life canst Thou die?
In a grave how canst dwell?
For the proud domain of death Thou destroyest now
And the dead of hades makest Thou to rise.

(7) Now we magnify Thee,
O Lord Jesus our King.
And we venerate Thy passion and burial,
For therewith hast Thou delivered us from death.